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Operation and maintenance:

East Lancashire Paper Mill Cogeneration Plant, Radcliffe UK. Operational support and development of standard operational procedures for owner. Planning and Supervision of shut down maintenance.

Tahmoor and Teralba Coal Seam Methane Generation Plant. Operational support and development of operational and safety procedures for owner.

Glaxo Clinical Waste Incinerator Acid Gas Scrubbing Package, Stevenage UK. Design of plant island incorporating quench and scrubbing vessels, pumps, pipework, ducting, steelwork C&I. First U.K. plant of type to conform to EU emissions standards.

Process, Water and Miscellaneous Projects:

United Distillers Wet Electrostatic Precipitator, Stirling UK. Design of 27,000m3/hr unit to capture fume from dark grains drying process. Plant included H.V. control, motor control centre and PLC, pumps and pipework, fan, ducting, and clean in place system.

St Arnaud Water Treatment Plant, Vic - Preparation of contract documents and contract management of 7.5 ML/day municipal water treatment plant.

Boyne Smelter- QLD, Design, supervision of construction and commissioning of upgrade to fume extraction system in green carbon plant


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