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Methane gas is held captive in virgin coal and is released during the mining process. Depending on the quantity of gas present removal of the methane rich gas or “gas drainage” is required prior to, during and after the extraction of coal. The methane content in the underground ventilation system must be maintained under strict control to ensure the safety of personnel working underground.

Until recently such methane rich gas was regarded as a waste product and vented to atmosphere. Beginning in the 1970s and 1980s in Europe projects were initiated to utilize the gas for power generation or heating.

By the 1990s gas utilization technology for power generation was mature with operating plants of several megawatts in Europe, USA, China and Australia.

In the new millennium, as concerns grew over environmental matters in general and global warming in particular, further attention was focused on utilizing the methane rich waste mine gas to offset coal fired generation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As environmental restrictions become more stringent, waste mines gas utilization via generation offers a unique opportunity to industry to reduce energy costs while providing an environmental benefit.

Maintain Power has built an enviable reputation in the field of waste mine gas and coal seam methane utilization.

Beginning with our involvement in coal seam methane utilization in the 1990s in the United Kingdom our keynote projects in this area include:

- Tower Colliery UK
- Tahmoor Colliery, New South Wales Australia
- Moranbah CSM plant , Queensland Australia
- Shanxi Asian American Project, China
- Teralba Colliery, New South Wales Australia
- Oaky Creek Colliery, Queensland Australia
- BHP Billiton WestVAMP Project, New South Wales, Australia

Maintain Power’s involvement in these projects has ranged from feasibility studies and tender preparation through to construction and commissioning services and on going operational support.

We are justifiably proud of our role in the two most recent waste mine gas projects to become operational in Australia.

Teralba Colliery waste mine gas power generation plant

Maintain Power can offer a complete solution for waste mines gas and coal seam methane projects from feasibility study to plant commissioning and ongoing operation and maintenance.


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